Our new open office in the Kalyan (Maharashtra) is designed as an open and creative workspace to make skill development a collaborative, productive, and transparent process. Combined without our work flows,it eliminatesall the usual concerns about outsourcing, giving you fast, clean development at competitive prices.

Perhaps more importantly, this office represents the effect of our employees’ hard work over the last few years. As talented as they are, they deserve the open spaces, comfortable layout, and creative, energized atmosphere of our office. Not only is this more productive… it’s also more fun! From the office layout to the infrastructure, everything is designed to keep focused, creative work applied to your project. Uninterrupted development, short turnaround times, and rigorous security management are s few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you work with us.

Details of infrastucture as follow :
Area : 1600 Sq Ft. well-equipped including Classrooms & Lab Rooms
Capacity : 75 Trainne at a time

Floor : Ground Floor
Location: Division II Than Sub Division II taluka Kalyan Mauje Ashel, Ulhas Nagar Maharashtra India-421004